The inter-disciplinary Postgraduate Program of studies based on Protein Biotechnology is organized by the departments of Biology and Chemistry at the University of Crete. 

The Program leads to MCs and PhD degrees in Protein Biotechnology and receives is administrative support from the department of Biology.

The Postgraduate Program is focused on : 

In depth comprehension of the structure and biological action of proteins 

Lab exercises and industrial methods of protein isolation, purification and identification 

The design of more effective proteins 

The description of new study methods for characterizing the structure and action of proteins 

The use of proteins in industrial and medical applications 

This Program covers areas which are of international priority; including sciences which touch upon services for human health and those which integrate issues of information (Bioinformatics). 

The pre-requisite for this Program are accepted certificates of all the departments of Biological, Chemical, Medical and other relevant Sciences. Are also accepted graduates of Pharmaceutical, Veterinarian and Agronomical departments of Greece and external universities all over the world


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